Real Estate

JenAcon takes over the entire transaction process from property selection to closing

modernes Brogebude in Deutschland - Hochhaus

JenAcon supports in real estate transactions and advises on commercial real estate issues of all kind. Overall, we have successfully completed sales with a volume of over two billion euros as well as a wide variety of consulting projects, where we focus on transactions above 10 million euros. Our activities range from the placement of individual properties to real estate portfolio transactions of several hundred million euros through to sale-and-lease-back deals or the placement of complete companies.

For short-term requests fast support is guaranteed by our experienced team, acting on the clients site.

Our award-winning reference project “Meridian” consisted of short-term and long-term leased assets, undeveloped areas and logistics facilities

  • Object quantity: 138
  • Plot size: 1,119,000 sqm
  • Lettable area: 225,000 sqm
  • Main tenant: ALDI SÜD
  • Regional focus: Southern and Western Germany
  • Exclusively owned properties
  • Speciality: a mixed portfolio of undeveloped areas, vacant assets, short-term and long-term leased assets, and two logistics centres
  • Winner of the 2010 PERE Award “Europe Deal of the Year”


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Systematic approach

JenAcon coordinates
  • Preparation of expert reports (technical, environmental, measurement, taxation, legal)
  • Data-Room Servicer
JenAcon arranges
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Asset valuations
  • Document preparation (Teaser, NDA, IM, pp.)
  • Dataroom construction
JenAcon coordinates
  • Buy-side external brokers (where applicable)
JenAcon arranges
  • Database research (consisting of more than 3,500 investors)
    Identification of investors
  • Preparation of investor profiles
  • Investor communication
  • Reporting
JenAcon coordinates
  • Buy-side: Technical & environmental due diligence as well as legal & tax due diligence
JenAcon arranges
  • Organizing Kick-off- Meetings
  • Answering relevant questions (Q&A-lists) Process letters
  • Procuring letters of interest (LOIs)
JenAcon coordinates
  • Legal advisors
  • Further buy-side due diligence
JenAcon arranges
  • Evaluation of offers
  • Exclusivity arrangements
  • Negotiations / Resolving of critical matters
JenAcon cooridnates
  • Legal advisors
  • Notary
  • Financing institutions
JenAcon arranges
  • Purchase contract negotiations
  • Assisting in settling the conditions precedent (CPs)