JenAcon coordinates the complex interaction between seller and buyer

Geschftsmann mit Puzzleteil

Based on the experience of the Managing Partner Dr. Joachim Arenth as Head of Strategy and Head of M & A of Bertelsmann AG, JenAcon had the opportunity to advise several prestigious clients when buying, selling or merging companies.

Advisory mandates included the sale of real estate as well as the business operations of 74 “KarstadtKompakt” department stores (later Hertie) and the disposing of the entire “Deutsche Woolworth” on behalf of Electra Private Equity.

JenAcon has also been mandated as M & A advisor by the French CAC 40 member Vinci (now Indigo). We are focusing the fields of trade and parking, but generally, mandates in almost all “old industries” can be handled.

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